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What types of options are available for car insurance?

When it comes to auto or car insurance there are many different options available to you. Your job is to decide which one would work best for you and your auto situation. In some cases having one type of insurance coverage might not be enough.

Liability Insurance

By law you are required to carry insurance and the most common type of insurance is liability insurance and it covers you in an accident that turns out to be your fault. This coverage will take care of repair for items destroyed in the mishap.

Collision Insurance

In some cases having the bare minimum insurance is not enough, if there was an accident and you only have liability insurance there can be a chance your vehicle might not be covered. This is where it will make sense to have collision insurance. With this coverage your insurance company will take care of the damaged repair cost.

Comprehensive Insurance

Most people that have insurance no matter the type may thing that everything is covered with just the one piece of coverage. But this is not true each type of coverage does something different. Collision and liability only cover you in the case of a crash, but what about other instances where your car can be damaged? For example if your vehicle is stolen, the victim of a flood or a major storm or if you hit a deer you will need comprehensive insurance. Even though it is one of the more expensive forms of insurance it is great to have.

Gap Insurance

If you were looking forward to becoming a vehicle owner soon, but in a blink of an eye you were in a collision you will still be responsible for the amount that is due on your vehicle. Gap insurance is handy to have because if your automobile is totaled it covers the amount that is still owed to your loan provider.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

Everyone that has a vehicle is required by law to have insurance coverage but in reality this is not the case. What do you do when you are hit by someone that has not followed the law and purchased a coverage policy? There is a way you could still have them pay for any repairs that are needed and that is with uninsured motorist protection. This type of insurance only comes into play when the person at fault doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the cost of repair.

Medical / Personal-Injury Protection

When you are in an accident you know there are bigger things then the vehicles involved to worry about. There are cases where you may encounter bodily harm. What do you do when you start to acquire expensive doctor bills? When purchasing your insurance policy you will want to look into medical or personal injury protection. This coverage has its benefits no matter who may have caused the accident.

No-Fault Insurance

As of right now there are not a bunch of states offering no fault insurance. This type of insurance is similar to over policies though it takes care of damage to property and most injuries suffered in a collision. A no fault policy is pretty self explanatory it goes into affect no matter who was at fault.

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