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Why should I provide the most accurate information possible?

If you are getting auto insurance and are getting estimates on your monthly premiums it is very important that your information is both accurate and current as possible. If you don't have this information and either don't provide truthful or accurate information your premiums may be completely different when your payments start from what you were quoted. While many may say that this is the job of the agent to make sure to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your insurance premiums in many cases they don't know until after they run the report through their company.

What happens is the information that you provide is then processed with your states motor-vehicle divisions for accuracy. If you had said you did not have any accidents on your driving record, but it comes back that you did then the insurance company will recalculate based on the states report. This can sometimes cause in higher rates if the information you provided wasn't as accurate as you needed.

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