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What are the penalties for driving without insurance?

If caught driving without insurance you risk the possibility of having your driver license and or registration suspended is a possibility if you get caught driving without the proper insurance coverage. On top of that you may encounter large fines as well as driver responsibility fees that last a period of two years consecutively. If you are unable to afford these fines your license would be suspended at that point and a reinstatement fee would be imposed as well before you could legitimately get your license back.

If it is just a matter of forgetting the document at home, you might be able to take it to the local police station for verification and the charge and fine would be waived or removed from your record. Some states have mandated an SR-22 which is a document that would need to be satisfied by stating that the individual has properly met the minimal state coverage of auto insurance. Some states have issued SR-22's to people who were uninsured at the time of an accident or if records indicate that the individual has been without insurance coverage on a pretty regular basis.

When an individual’s insurance has been cancelled with an SR-22 in place your local DPS is notified of non-compliance to maintain the proper coverage of insurance. Without the best amount insurance coverage you will not be able to register a vehicle without providing your insurance coverage documentation to the secretary of state. Depending on the amount of tickets that you have received you may have a very hard time meeting payment schedules to pay back driver responsibility fees.

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