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Is anyone who drives my car covered under my policy?

That is a good question and is not easy to answer. If you let someone borrow your vehicle, they are generally covered, but in certain circumstances, they may not be. The laws governing this may depend on what state you live in, so it would be best for you to contact a local insurance agent to find minimum state-by-state car insurance laws in your area.

One type of coverage that will not generally cover someone else driving your vehicle is liability coverage. That is because this type of protection follows the driver and not the car or truck. Liability coverage is what allows someone to drive a friend's car and still be covered under their own policy.

Comprehensive and collision insurance coverage are linked to the vehicle that is insured. These types of policies provide protection for damage that may occur to a car in a collision. So if you let someone use your car, and they cause an accident, your insurance company would be responsible to pay the damages minus any deductible you may have.

If you borrow someone elses vehicle or utilize insurance coverage for rental cars, your personal auto insurance coverage will apply in most cases. This includes any uninsured motorist coverage you carry and the medical portions of your policy.

As mentioned previously, you will want to talk to a professional in your area in order to understand the different rules and regulations related to who and what is covered when someone borrows your vehicle. You can also calculate car insurance rates with a local insurance agent by entering you zip code in the box above and clicking on continue. This will show you the leading insurance carriers in your area.

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